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Using your phone abroad

Before you go abroad

  1. Make sure your phone will work in the country you're going to - if you're not sure go to will my phone work abroad?
  2. Call your network to set up your account so you're ready to go. When you call they may:
    • Set up roaming on your account so your phone will work when you're abroad (you can learn more about roaming here).
    • Did you know many networks will cut you off if you reach a certain credit limit whilst roaming? If you don't want this cap on your phone, let your network know.
    • You could also request an additional Bolt On to save money on your calls when you're away.
  3. If you use the internet on your phone, make sure you know how much it costs and how to turn off automatic downloads before you go away.
  4. Turn off voicemail. You'll be charged when your phone diverts a call to voicemail (this is because your phone is receiving the call and then making one back to the UK to record the message). Find out how to turn off your voicemail.
  5. On some phones, there's the option to forward all your calls to another number when you're roaming. Check your phone's manual for more information.

When you're abroad

  • Your phone will usually pick up the foreign network immediately. If it doesn't you may need to search for it yourself - you can usually do this by selecting Settings > Networks on your handset. Check your phone's user manual for more info.
  • You'll be charged for receiving calls.
  • Making and receiving international calls can be expensive - please monitor the calls you make carefully and don't use your call limit to budget.
  • You will be charged for listening to voicemail messages.

When you get back

  • If you changed your voicemail settings, change them back.
  • Your international call charges will be added to your bill as soon they arrive from the foreign network. This can take up to six weeks so your next bill may not include all these charges.
  • Different countries charge for calls in different increments - some by the second and some by the minute.

^Calls to this number may be free from a landline. Prices of calls from other providers may vary and from mobiles may cost significantly more. Calls may be recorded and/ or monitored. Visit this page for opening hours.

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