How do I get my phone unlocked?

What is a network locked device?

  • It will only work with a SIM card on that network, e.g. if a device is locked to o2, it'll only work with an o2 SIM card.
  • If a device is unlocked you'll be able to use it with a SIM card on any network.

How can I find out if my device is locked to a network?

To find out if your device is locked, borrow a SIM card from a friend on a different network to you. Put the SIM in your device and try to make a call - if you can, your device is unlocked.

How do I get my device unlocked?

To get your device unlocked, get in touch with the network your device is locked to. They'll be able to unlock your device for you, though they may ask you to pay a fee before they do so.

We don't unlock devices or recommend getting your device unlocked in any other way because this can invalidate your device's warranty.

Our phones are unlocked!


Most of the phones we sell aren't locked to a network, including almost all of our SIM free phones. That means you can put any UK SIM card into your phone and enjoy the benefits of whichever UK network you prefer.


To find out about a particular model or using your phone abroad, ask in store or give us a call on 0870 087 0870.

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