Viewing a bill using online billing

How do I see my bills online?

When you log in to online billing, you'll see a short summary of your account. If you have more than one account, you'll see a summary of each account you have registered.

For a detailed account summary, click on the Detailed account summary button. The detailed summary will allow you to see your latest bill.

How can I see details of individual calls?

If you have itemised billing (see below) you'll be able to see all your call data online. You can also change the way that your bill is displayed by clicking on the arrow buttons to sort by date, time etc.

How can I use itemised billing to analyse my bill online?

If you have itemised billing on your account, use the Analyse your bill dropdown menu to sort your bill by:

  • Time of day
  • Type of call
  • Most frequently called numbers

Can I see previous bills online?

Yes. You can see your previous bills for the past six months. Click on Previous bills in the navigation bar.

How can I see my current balance?

Your current balance is shown both on your online billing home page and on your Detailed account summary page.

Printing your online bill

Go to and log in.

If you'd like to print any of your online bills, just find the bill you want to print and click Printable version.

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