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How much data do typical tasks on my phone use?

Data traffic light*

     One off actionsContinuous services

    2MB+ per minute

    (Your phone may prompt you to use Wi-Fi for these tasks, if not we recommend you do)

    • App downloads
    • Downloading films
    • YouTube
    • Online multiplayer gaming
    • V.O.I.P (voice over internet protocol) eg. Skype
    • Live streaming such as BBC iPlayer and any form of radio
    • Navigation apps**

    0.3MB - 2MB per minute
    • Picture downloads
    • Photo uploads
    • Emails with attachments
    • Facebook browsing
    • Maps

    0MB - 0.3MB per minute

    • Adverts eg. those on free apps/games
    • Web pages with mainly text and few images, eg. basic blogs
    • Emails that only contain text
    • Instant messaging eg. BlackBerry messenger

    * All data is variable and subject to change at any time.

    ** Check with your app provider to see how much your navigation app uses, some use a lot and some use very little.


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