How much do repairs cost?

The different types of repair

  • Manufacturer fault repairs are free if your device is within the manufacturer's warranty period, even if you didn't buy it from Carphone Warehouse - but please bring proof of purchase!
  • Faults not covered by the warranty (including liquid and physical damage repairs) cost between 29.99 and 169.99 depending on the type of phone you have.
  • Resetting security codes costs 9.99
  • Repairs to netbooks and laptops cost between 99.99 and 249.99
  • How long is my warranty?

If you have Team Knowhow Mobile Complete or Geek Squad insurance

The cost of repair depends on your policy.

You may need to update the software on your phone

To get the most from your phone, it's a good idea to update its software every now and again. Also, you may think your phone is broken and in need of a repair when a simple software update will do the trick. These updates are free and have some great benefits. Find out more.