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Internet usage hints & tips

The most important thing to do is check with your network to make sure you know exactly how much data you have.

If you're going to use the internet, we recommend getting an inclusive monthly data allowance.

  • Lots of Pay monthly and Pay as you go tariffs come with an inclusive mobile internet allowance.
  • If you're buying online, you can add extra internet bundles to your tariff before you get to the checkout.
  • If you've already bought a phone, contact your network to ask about adding a data bundle, or to find out about 'out of bundle' charges.

Ways to manage your internet use

  • Use a data monitor. Included in your phone's settings, a data monitor keeps track of the amount of data you send and receive on a monthly basis and will alert you when you've used a certain amount of data. Speak to our sales advisors in store or on the phone about which smartphones have this feature.
    • When using a data monitor, make a note of your bill date or set a reminder in your phone's calendar, so your data monitor is always up to date.
  • If you have an Android phone, download Bill Angel. Our free app lets you track your call, text and data usage. Tell it what time frames to monitor and set limit alerts so you're informed when you reach a certain amount,
  • Look to use Wi-Fi as much as possible. Some providers give you a Wi-Fi allowance to use when you're out and about. Check your tariff or speak to your network for details.
  • Don't ignore reminders from your network warning you you're nearing your data limits!
  • Turn off the internet if you don't need it, your phone's manual will explain how to do this. This will save your data and your battery life.
  • If you're going away, read our tips for using the internet on your phone abroad.

Popular questions

I don't use the internet to browse sites at all, why am I still charged for mobile internet usage?

  • If you set up an email address on your smartphone, if you're not connected to Wi-Fi, the costs could come from your phone sending and retrieving emails. Although you aren't browsing any sites, an internet connection is required to download the data necessary for email.
  • Apps and software may require occasional updates so they remain available, this will use additional data.

My plan said I had unlimited data, but I've noticed additional charges on my bill, what are these from?

With an unlimited data plan, there are two things to consider:
  • Some unlimited data plans are subject to a fair usage policy. This means when you've used a certain amount of data, you'll be charged for additional usage. If you near a certain amount, your internet service may be slowed down as a warning, or stopped completely. The policy is totally dependent on your network and your tariff.
  • On some data plans you can ask for text alerts to warn you if you're reaching a certain amount of data. Visit us in store to see which data plan will work best for you. If you already have a plan, contact your network to ask about additional data bundles.


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