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Liquid damage

Avoiding liquid damage

Unfortunately a lot of phones aren't fully waterproof. So apart from not taking your phone with you when you go swimming, here are a few things that can help protect your device from water damage.

To avoid liquid damage, do not:

  • Use your phone in the rain.
  • Keep your phone anywhere damp (e.g. a window ledge or glove compartment).
  • Take your phone from a very cold climate into a warm climate as condensation can form.

My phone's got wet - help!

Oops! If your phone's got wet there's no need to panic - but you need to act quickly. Follow these instructions to as soon as you can to try to get your phone back up and running.

  1. Take out the phone's SIM card and battery
  2. Wipe away as much moisture as possible using a cloth or paper towel
  3. Put your phone in bowl of rice and leave in a warm, dry place. The rice will help draw moisture from your phone Don't put your phone anywhere hot, including on a radiator. Excessive heat can damage your phone.
  4. Leave your phone to dry for 24 hours, replace the SIM card and battery and try turning it on again. If it's still not running properly, repeat the drying process using a bowl of rice

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