EU data cap

When visiting the EU your internet usage will be automatically capped at 50€ per billing period

  • To stop you running up huge bills while you're abroad, EU legislation means networks must cap your data usage in EU countries at 50€ (roughly £40) excluding VAT. The cap only applies to internet use - calls and line rental charges can be higher.
  • Everyone is opted into the cap, you'll need to contact your network to opt out.
  • You'll usually get text messages to warn you if you're approaching your limit. To opt out of this cap and keep using internet, contact your network before you travel.
  • When you arrive home, you can use the internet on your phone as normal.

Before you travel, check your network's policy on the data roaming cap

Although the data cap applies to all networks, they have different procedures in place for how and when they'll let you know you've reached your data limit.


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If you're an O2 customer who gets their bill from Carphone Warehouse, click here to read how the data cap works for you.

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