Mobile Phone Repairs

Why get your mobile phone fixed by us?

Together with Team Knowhow, our expert service partner, we run one of the largest and most sophisticated mobile phone repair facilities in Europe. We are manufacturer accredited to repair iPhone, Samsung Sony, HTC & LG phones under warranty. Please note that you may lose any data stored on your handset, therefore data should back up before sending the handset in for repair.

Phone Repair Tracker

When you bring your phone in for repair with us you can track the status of your repair online with our phone repair tracker - so you know where your device is, what we're doing with it, and how long until it is ready to collect.

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Who are Team Knowhow?

Team Knowhow are the Insurance, repair and support partner for Carphone Warehouse. You can find out more about the Team Knowhow and their phone repairs service on their website.

Do I need to have bought my mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse?

You don't have to have purchased your mobile phone from us. We fix most makes and models of phones, on all networks, even if they weren't bought from Carphone Warehouse. If you haven't bought your phone from us, remember to bring in you receipt. The exception to this is BlackBerry, were we can only fix BlackBerry's that were purchased at Carphone Warehouse.

If your phone has been physically damaged in away way this may invalidate your warranty repair and the repair may become chargeable. If you choose to have a chargeable repair by us and then your handset developes a warranty fault then your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid

What types of smartphones do we repair?

We fix, repair and replace over 30,000 mobile phones every month including:

  • iPhone*
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Nokia Lumia
  • Sony Xperia
  • Blackberry**

We no longer repair Huawei smartphones.

For full details on ALL manufacturers click here.

*Apple currently request that we send iPhones back to the manufacturer for repair - however we will exchange your phone for a refurbished unit from Apple if it is within the warranty period.
**BlackBerry request that we send BlackBerry handsets back to them for all repairs under warranty and may take up to 28 days. Please note we are only able to process BlackBerry phones that are bought from Carphone Warehouse.

What kind of repairs can we do?

We can carry out all types of repairs including:

  • Warranty defects affecting the handsets performance
  • Cracked screens
  • Broken casings
  • Software fixes and upgrades
  • Battery replacements
  • Non working buttons
  • Broken inputs

What more do you need to know about our mobile phone repair service?

  • We offer no obligation free quotes for phone repairs and servicing.
  • We are manufacturer accredited to repair phones both inside and outside of warranty.
  • Any repaired or replaced phone still carries the balance of the manufacturer's warranty.
  • We offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs outside of warranty.
  • We repair or replace phones within manufacturer's warranty for free - no matter where you bought the phone from.** (Please note that you'll be charged for faults that aren't covered by the warranty)
  • We are a certified repair service - meaning that phone manufacturers have recognised the quality of our repair service and support this by supplying the genuine parts, tools and software we use to carry out repairs.
  • Our phone repairs are accordance with manufacturer guidelines.
  • We test all repairs to manufacturer standards to ensure they are to the highest standard.
  • Our repair centre is ISO9001 accredited to ensure best practice.

* Please note we are only able to process BlackBerry phones that are bought from Carphone Warehouse.

How do I get a quote and repair?

You can drop into any Carphone Warehouse store to get a quote for a repair. More information about Carphone Warehouse phone repairs

How much do repairs cost?

You can bring your mobile phone in for a no obligation free quote. As a guide

  • Manufacturer fault repairs are free if your device is within the manufacturer's warranty period, even if you didn't buy it from Carphone Warehouse - but please remember to bring proof of purchase!
  • Faults not covered by the warranty (including liquid and physical damage repairs) cost between £29.99 and £169.99 depending on the type of phone you have.
  • If you have Team Knowhow the cost of repair depends on your policy.
  • Resetting smartphone security codes costs £9.99.

When will my repair take longer than usual?

While we can carry out most repairs within our specified timescales, sometimes we are unable to do so. Instances when this can happen include:

  • If the part we require is not in stock and/or we are unable to source the part from the manufacturer quickly.
  • If we need to send your product back to the manufacturer for whatever reason it can take up to 28 days until it's ready to collect. We aren't responsible for the time the manufacturer takes to repair a product although we will be progressing this on your behalf.