What are apps?


Applications (or apps for short) are small computer programmes that run on a mobile phone or tablet. You can customise your phone by downloading apps and making it do pretty much anything you can think of. Here are a few ideas:
  • Games - crash round the desert in a dirt bike race or keep the kids quiet with Tetris
  • Social media - get special phone friendly versions of websites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Shopping - order from hundreds of supermarkets and retailers
  • Maps - stay on the right track and get instant directions
  • News, weather and sport updates - you'll never miss a story with alerts on your phone
  • Tools - multi-task with calculators, step counters, spirit levels, meter readers and many more

How do I get apps on my phone?

Your phone will probably have some apps pre-installed when you buy them. But you can customise your phone by downloading more straight to your phone via the internet. There are hundreds of different app websites - find out more here.

How much do apps cost?

Lots of apps are free - but some require a small fee to download. When you download apps from the internet, you might also be charged for internet usage. Check with your network for more info.

Do apps work on all phones?

  • Apps are designed to work particular operating systems. So if an app is designed to work with Windows Mobile, it will only work on phones that have a Windows Mobile operating system. Find out more about operating systems.
  • Some apps work on several different operating systems. The easiest way to find out what will work on a particular phone is to go the manufacturer's or operating system's app site (see the handy list above).
  • Newer phones can run more apps, especially if you have a smartphone. But older phones that can connect to the internet can usually download some apps too - check your user manual for more info.

Which apps are best?

  • Saying which apps are 'best' is like ranking pizza toppings - it's all a matter of taste! But if you want some recommendations especially designed for you, our Get Started With Apps tool can make personalised suggestions based on a few simple questions.

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