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Dixons Carphone merger customer FAQs

On the 15th May 2014, we announced a proposed merger with Dixons to create a combined group called Dixons Carphone. We believe will beA New Retailer for a New Digital Age.

What has been announced today?
We've announced that Carphone Warehouse and Dixons are to merge to create a New Retailer for a New Digital Age called Dixons Carphone.

Why are you merging?
Both businesses do similar but different things and complement each other extremely well. Our markets are converging and as the next revolution of how people use technology and connectivity really starts to gathers pace, the new proposed company will have improved scale and reach, offering real benefits for our customers, suppliers, shareholders and colleagues.

By combining our strength in the connected world and Dixons strength in the world of electrical products and services, we will create a market-leading business that will bring technology to life and making connected lives better around the world.

Who is taking over whom?
Nobody - this is a merger of equals. Both companies have the same market value and as such it will be a 50:50 merger. This is reflected in the name and how the new company will be run.

What are the timescales for the merger?
There are still someformal proceses to go through - including approvals from both groups of shareholders but it is expected that the merger will become effective later this year. However it is business as usual for the time being.

What difference does it make to me as a Carphone Warehouse customer?
It's great news for all of our customers.As the connected world gathers pace, people will need more services and greater help to navigate it all. As a new retailer for the new digital age the merged business will provide straightforward end-to end solutions to select, install and maintain our customers' products and connections.

What about my mobile phone contract?
The merger will have no impact on customers' mobile phone contracts, upgrades or similar.

Will there be store closures and job losses?
Carphone Warehouse and Dixons store estates complement one another with a mix of smaller high street stores and larger out of town locations, so we don't envisage store closures as a result of the merger.

The merger is about growth, so overall there will be more new jobs created than lost.

Does this mean that the Carphone Warehouse brand will be replaced by Dixons Carphone?
Both our brands resonate well with customers and are incorporated in the new entity Dixons Carphone

What does the merger mean for Dixons Phones 4U stores?
Phones 4U have a contract to run or stores-in-stores in Dixons stores and are currently located in 160 Dixons stores. In time it will be our aim to open Carphones Stores- within- stores across the Dixons estate.


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