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Motorola Gleam
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Phone specifics
Manufacturer: Who made your device. Motorola
Name/number: The official name for your device. Gleam
Operating system The software that's responsible for operating your device, for example, many computers use the Windows Operating System. Motorola OS
Processor The brain of your phone, this processing chip runs programs and completes commands. The faster the processor, the faster your device will perform. 750 mAh
Input method How commands are operated on your device, such as a QWERTY keyboard, trackpad or touchscreen. Keypad
Size 106 x 53 x 13.9mm
Weight 105g
Frequency band The radio frequencies that your phone uses for communication, determining whether it will work in different countries. GSM: 900/1800 MHz
3G A wireless internet connection. No
MMS The Multimedia Messaging Service is text messages that contain media such as photos or videos. Yes
Bluetooth A short-range wireless connection. Can be used to send media or connect to a headset. Yes
GPS The Global Positioning System finds where you are on earth with the help of satellites. No
Email Have your personal emails delivered to your phone. No
Wi-Fi A way of connecting to the internet without wires. Wi-Fi uses routers, which are hotspots that are always connected to the internet, transmitting signals around them which your device can pick up. No
NFC A secure short range wireless technology that uses magnetic fields to exchange information, such as photos or music. No
Screen pixels The tiny points that make up your device's picture. 320 x 240
Display colour depth How deep and detailed your device's picture is depends on the amount of information each pixel holds. 262K
Display size How big your device's screen is. 2.4"
Camera (Megapixels) A million pixels make up a single mega pixel, which is a single dot in your photo. Yes (2MP)
Video The ability to record and play video on your device. No
Playback The ability to watch videos you've recorded. No
Front facing camera Takes pictures with the camera facing you rather than away from you. No
Internal device memory How much information your device can store. 256MB
Memory card type The type of memory card your device will accept. Micro SD
Max memory card capacity The maximum memory card size your device will accept. Upto 16GB
Other features
Web browser The access to view internet pages. Yes
Media Player The software for playing music and video. Yes
Calendar Plan days, weeks and months and years and save events. Yes
Voice dialling Dial contacts with your voice. Yes
Instant messenger Messages sent in real time through the internet, eg. Google Talk. No
Document viewer View PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. No
Document editor Edit PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. No
Battery stand by time How long your battery lasts if it's connected to the network but not being used. 500 hours
Battery talk tbn time (mins) How long you could stay talking on your device for before it would need charging. 375 mins
Dual SIM support A dual SIM device can hold two SIM cards. No


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