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SIM swap

Why do you need to swap your SIM card?
SIM cards come in different sizes, according to the handset that you use and so you will sometimes have to change it to ensure that you can use your new phone. Your Network will transfer the service from one SIM card to another, usually within 24hrs. Additionally if you move from 3G to 4G you will need a compatible SIM card.

What happens to the information stored on my SIM?
The majority of information will be lost when you change SIM cards, so before you start your SIM swap please ensure that you back up all information.

How do I complete a SIM swap?
If you have bought in a store our consultant will have completed the swap for you, you will not have to do anything. If you have bought over the phone you will have to start the SIM swap process directly with your Network, by clicking on the relevant link below. The reason for this is that if we deactivated your old SIM when you placed your order you would lose service before your new SIM card had been delivered to you.

What do I do if my SIM swap does not work?
Check with your Network first to see if the transfer has completed, if it has please follow these tips

Click on a network to find out how to activate your SIM swap





Micro SIMs are not currently available on the Virgin network.

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