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How do I cancel my contract?

How do I disconnect?

To disconnect from a Pay monthly contract, please contact your network . It's not possible to email us to disconnect as your network needs to hear directly from you.

Transferring your mobile phone number to another phone:

If you want to keep your current phone number and transfer it to a different account, ask your network for a PAC code when you disconnect. This code will let you transfer your phone number from one account to another - go to our keep your number page for more info.

Disconnecting before your contract ends

If you leave before your contract ends your network will usually ask you to pay a disconnection fee. This fee is normally the total line rental of all the months left on your contract. Contact your network to find out how long you have left on your contract.

For example: If you have a £35 per month contract and want to leave three months before it ends, your network will ask you to pay £105 before you can disconnect (3 months x £35).

You can reduce your disconnection fee by:

  • Waiting until you're closer to the end of you contract.
  • Asking your network to reduce your line rental or removing any chargeable services like internet or extra texts from your account (this won't always be possible, please speak to your network for more info).


Disconnecting after your contract ends

Will I be disconnected automatically?

You won't be automatically disconnected when your contract ends unless you ask to leave. Your phone will keep working, and your network will carry on charging you the same amount of line rental each month for the same amount of inclusive minutes and texts.

When do I need to tell my network I want to leave?

You might need to give your network a certain amount of notice before you can leave. If you want to disconnect as soon as your contract ends, contact your network beforehand to ask about any notice period or read your terms and conditions.

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