Transferring your contacts

Once you've got your new phone and are desperate to get started with it, there's usually one stumbling block that prevents you from enjoying it to its fullest straight away - the transferring of contacts. We're happy to do this for you in store, but if you fancy a go yourself, there are a few ways to go about this.

Visit this page to find out how to transfer your data.

If the SIMs are the same size, it's easy to move contacts from one phone to another

You just have to ensure all your contacts are saved to your SIM on your old phone, and not to the phone memory. Once this is done, remove your SIM and copy all your contacts to your new phone. However, bear in mind, modern SIMs can only hold 250 contacts and older SIMs sometimes only hold 100, so it might be necessary to make the changes in two stages.

You can also do this with micro SD cards

Ensure your contacts are saved to it, then simply transfer it from one phone to another.

Transfer your contacts via Bluetooth

  1. On your old phone navigate to Bluetooth and turn it on by selecting discoverable or make my phone searchable.
  2. Do the same on your new phone
  3. On your old phone, select your new phone from the list of available devices
  4. Create a four-digit code and enter it into both phones, this gives permission for them to be synchronised
  5. Navigate to your contacts, then select all and send via Bluetooth
  6. Accept this transfer on your new phone
  7. Ensure you turn off Bluetooth on both phones

On certain devices you can use their software to transfer your contacts, just ensure you've already set up an email account on the previous phone

To an iPhone

From a BlackBerry From an Android From another iPhone

Ensure you've installed the BlackBerry Desktop Software - this will mean your contacts are synced with your PC
Connect your iPhone to the USB port on your computer using the cable included in your iPhone box and wait for iTunes to open
Click on the Info tab at the top of the screen and tick the option Sync contacts
Locate your contacts in the drop down menu
Select Apply
Select Sync
Your contacts will then transfer to the your iPhone
Repeat the process for your calendars and data

On your Android device:
Select Contacts
Select the Menu button
Then select Merge with Google
On your iPhone
Select Settings on the homescreen Select Mail, contacts and calendars Select Add an account
Select your Gmail account and your contacts will automatically import
Ensure you have iCloud set up on your old phone.
During the activation of your iPhone using the Setup Assistant, when prompted, select Use iCloud
Your contacts will then automatically appear on your new iPhone.


iPhone to... a phone that uses Windows 8 software

On a Nokia Lumia: select the Contacts Transfer app and follow the onscreen commands - this moves your contacts via Bluetooth without you needing to activate anything on your phone .

HTC or Samsung

  1. The easiest way is to transfer the contacts from iCloud to your Microsoft account, first you'll need to have a copy of your contacts saved to your computer
  2. Visit iCloud's website
  3. Select Contacts
  4. Select which contacts you would like to transfer
  5. Select Settings
  6. Select Export vCard
  7. Next you need to duplicate them in your Microsoft account
  8. Visit
  9. Select People
  10. Then select Import from file
  11. Select your iCloud file
  12. Your contacts are now on your Microsoft Account and will be visible on your Windows Phone

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