I'm getting unwanted texts

I'm being charged to receive texts - help!

If you're being charged for receving texts, it's likely you've subscribed to a premium rate text service.

What are premium rate text services?

Premium rate services send news, sport, weather, games or adult texts to your phone until you cancel your subscription. They can be sent to you daily, weekly or even monthly. You're normally charged between 10p and 1.50 to receive each text, and they're not included in your inclusive allowance.

To cancel your subscription to a premium rate text service

You can stop any of these services by texting the word STOP to the short phone number the text was sent from (you can do this by replying to one of the messages, or by finding the number on your phone bill or in your text message inbox).

  • Make sure you only send the word STOP.
  • If you are using two or more services from the same text short code number, you'll need to send STOP ALL to each text short code

Getting your money back

  • Because these texts start when you subscribe to a service, your network will not refund these charges.
  • If you didn't subscribe to the service, or feel your were charged unfairly, you should complain directly to the company who sent them.
  • To find out which company provided the service and to make a complaint, visit the PhonepayPlus website set up by the government to regulate these services.

Unwanted marketing texts

Some companies send you free marketing texts. To stop these you'll need to contact the company directly.

If you're getting marketing texts from us, please visit this page.